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  4. black and white wedding photo, child daydreaming
  5. bride dancing at Piersland house hotel Troon - Ayrshire
  6. Pollock house wedding - American bride and mother
  7. scotland bride - great outdoors
  8. scotland wedding photographer bride at the marine
  9. luxury scotland wedding photographer
  10. Fairfield house hotel wedding - Ayrshire photographer
  11. asian bride getting married in scotland
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  13. Brisbane House Hotel wedding groom and his two boys
  14. Scotland's Best Wedding Photographer | Glen coe
  15. Derek Dunlop Photography | Ross Priory | Wedding Portrait
  16. Pollock House Fine Art Black & White - Glasgow wedding
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  19. Natural Wedding Photography at Dalmeny Park hotel
  20. Kelburn castle autumn wedding in ayrshire
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  23. first dance at brigodoon ayrshire wedding
  24. Dalmeny Park Weddings | Derek Dunlop Photography
  25. mirror image of the scotland bride with blue hair
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  28. candle lit asian inspired Glasgow wedding
  29. marine hotel bride at the window
  30. bridal party at Marr Hall in Glasgow
  31. beautiful natural lit asian wedding model
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  33. bridal art portrait
  34. bride & groom first look
  35. Dunure Castle with Bride & Groom
  36. miss scotland bridal photo at brig o doon ayrshire
  37. kelburn castle wedding couple
  38. asian inspired wedding
  39. the marine hotel wedding photography
  40. Scotland Castle Wedding
  41. sunset at Loch Lomond | the cruin | wedding
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  43. Enterkine House ayrshire wedding photographer
  44. trump turnberry ayrshire wedding couple
  45. missscotland brig o doon ayrshire wedding photographer
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  47. the gales ayrshire wedding couple photo
  48. wedding portrait commercial photographer
  49. top Indian wedding photographer scotland
  50. Elegant bridal Dress at Enterkine House Hotel
  51. loch side ayrshire wedding photographer
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  53. Piersland House Hotel - Troon Wedding Photography
  54. Tied the knot during covid 19. Amazing Day
  55. Trump Turnberry Exclusive Wedding Venue
  56. Mar Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort wedding photographer
  57. having a whiskey at trump turnberry with groom and friend
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  61. brig o doon Ayrshire wedding with groom and his friends
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  89. Natural Wedding Photographer of a beautiful bride
  90. first dance at Marie house
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  92. Piersland House | Derek Dunlop Photography
  93. asian fusion Glasgow wedding photographer
  94. exclusive enterkine wedding brochure for venue
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About me - Ayrshire Wedding Photographer

As already mentioned, I am based in Troon, South Ayrshire and I genuinely love my job and my clients. My passion for photography has allowed me to travel all over, working with a wide variety of clients and doing all kinds of exciting projects. 100% home breed Scottish, I just love the vibrant and wonderful place that I love to call home.

Growing up, art and photography were a way to express myself and my creativity. I believe my experience gives me a unique lens through which I view the world and my work. Weddings are an environment where a couple’s wildest visions can become a reality, as they gather family and friends together to celebrate their commitment to one another.

Why hire a Scotland Wedding Photographer

As a Scotland wedding photographer, I have a unique eye for detail and find beauty in ordinary moments. I work with couples to create their dream snapshots of their big day. Additionally, I strive to provide couples with refined, stunning images that they will cherish for a lifetime and show future generations.

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