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Autumnal Portrait Photography

There is no better venue than the great outdoors and when the light is perfect you can make the most out of photographing naturally. Just look at this image with its beautiful autumnal colorways, and composition of the models posture, its as if she is strolling through the meadow and feeling the heat of the sun. She looks ever so happy, natural and the reflection on her glasses with the horizon of the field just adds that extra dimension to the portrait, even intrigue.

I am a specialist with natural light, I love using it in everything I do. There is nothing more special than understanding the seasons, the times of day and when the light helps create different colours and tones because of this. No day is the same, no time is exactly the same and therefore playing around with this time and space is a skill all on its own. A good photographer knows this and uses it always.

I will use this as an advantage to you when investing with me. By choosing the correct place, time and position to take your Portrait Photography, it will really make a huge difference to the outcome.

Location: glasgow.