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Welcome to Derek Dunlop Photography based in Troon in Ayrshire. we genuinely appreciate you having a look at out page. I have tried to list all you need to know about us and how we work on these pages but if you have any questions at all just drop us a line, we always love to chat about all things wedding - portraits and personal branding

Scotland Photographer

Welcome to Derek Dunlop Photography

Derek Dunlop Photography was established in 2018 in South West Scotland and has quickly becoming one of the leading photographers suppliers in the Ayrshire area.

We work on a quality rather than quantity basis and only accept a certain amount of bookings per month to ensure exclusive time with clients.

"The most amazing photographer we could ever have imagined for our special day. We could never have imagined how helpful or how Derek could have captured the day of our lives, Thank you Derek xx" Alison

Creative storytelling Master Photographer

Clear, Distinct and Captivating Photography

We would like to take this moment and thank you for coming along.

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Request a quote or reserve your date today For all enquiries, please either call 07708962126, or use our contact form.


“I hate getting my picture taken” Let me help you with this.

"At Derek Dunlop Photography, I understand the significance of a photograph.

Occasions come and go; photographs last forever."


Bride & Groom Just Married - Scotland Photographer

We want you to truly stand out and feel wonderful!

My promise is that by working with me, you will stand out from the crowd. That your beauty, vibrancy and uniqueness will shine through all of the photos I take of you, which will, in turn, give you the best return on your investment with me. For this I promise to invest my time, effort, understanding and skills as full commitment to you.

I have been in the photography industry for years and in that time I have gathered a ton of experience in helping individuals blossom through the lens and my photographs and also building my own portfolio to an exceptional high standard and quality. With recognition from top professional photographers in the industry, I have developed my own unique photography style that can be shared with you and being educated by some of the best photographers in the world, have been rewarded with some of the best compliments.

High-quality photographs speak for themselves. It’s time for you to stand out for who you truly are.

" I like to take snippets from the masters and make it my own. Never be a copy, be yourself."

Derek Dunlop